Creating custom Kontakt instruments

These last months I’ve been experimenting a lot with Native Instruments Kontakt and I’m absolutely in love with it! What a piece of software it is! As you can see in my Showreels section, I’ve been creating several custom Kontakt instruments using some samples and wavetables from my own library (yes, you can make a wavetable synth in Kontakt, it’s that awesome!). I’ve used an external editor to make proper sustain loops (in my case, Soundforge, because it has a quite good loop tuner to create loop points in a sample, but it seems that Steinberg’s Wavelab does it quite well too) and, after that, I’ve created all the sample regions, groups and I’ve applied all the effects I wanted inside Kontakt.

But that’s not all: if you want to really enhance your Kontakt experience, I advise you to look at the scripting section of the software. KSP programming language is not too difficult to learn, there are some good tutorials out there – this one by David Hilowitz is very good for beginners! – and the Kontakt Script Reference is quite comprehensive. Not only that, but you have some good presets in the scripting sections to begin with, and yes: they are super useful (and good examples to learn the basics of KSP coding). The good thing about scripting in Kontakt is that you will be using code to create and control an external UI to modify the settings you want from the effects you are using, apart from creating arpeggiators, sequencers, LFOs, and a lot more.

For my birthday (just a month ago) I bought for the studio a Crave synthesizer from Behringer, a semi-modular trinket that sounds astonishingly good! I decided to sample some patches from the Crave and, after that, I created a couple of Kontakt instruments: one with keyswitches and another one that blends two groups of sounds using the mod wheel from a MIDI controller (CC 01). They resulted to be quite good sounding, and I’m sharing them with you just for free! You must have the Kontakt 6 full software to be able to use them, though! I hope you enjoy them a lot, and of course you can use both instruments in your proyects, commercial or not, as much as you want!


Singularity Synth – Custom Kontakt 6 instrument

Blender Wobbly Synth Pad – Custom Kontakt 6 Instrument