Croco Doc: The Series

Official Soundtrack and Musical Direction (with Jordi Sempere)

Produced by Buenpaso Films and Nuts Ideas.

In the land of Zoolandia, life goes on in a peaceful manner.

Every animal is joyfully dedicated to their favorite activity. Of course, accidents can happen at any time: Sam the elephant has a bothersome tusk ache, Dorothy the antelope sprained her paw right on the eve of a high jump match, Simon the panda ate too much bamboo and now has a stomach ache… Fortunately there is someone who is able to restore the serenity thanks to his great ability to cure every illness and every indisposition. He is Croco Doc, the country’s doctor, always formidable in learning the causes of the patient’s illness, as well as finding the right remedy. Little importance is given to the fact that his assistant, Crat the hippopotamus, with his clumsiness and lack of skills, always seems to make matters worse; because Croco Doc is always able to bring a smile back to his patients… and health back to their bodies!

The series

Made for a pre-school audience (5-10 years), Croco Doc proposes to introduce, in a fun and elementary way, the experience of infirmity to children.
A child by nature is, in fact, given to experience the moment of “going to the doctor” or illness in general, as a trauma: an unknown experience, unpleasant, potentially painful and therefore a negative experience, with suffering and fear. Croco Doc wishes to represent the ambulatory environment as a “normal” place, where problems are solved and cured, and the doctor figure is seen as a positive reference point and fundamental to their growth. Born from the intuition of a mother who is also a doctor, Croco Doc treats typical problems and childhood illnesses with both a funny and scientific approach: the dialogue and the stories are conceived and revisited by real doctors and pediatricians in such a way that, even though the language is adapted to the young age this product represents, the concepts are correctly induced.