Official Soundtrack

Developer: Pixelbones Studio

Platforms: Steam, WiiU, Switch, PS Vita

Run Run and Die is a crazy and atypical challenging runner!

Our funny little penguin wakes up in a test room, but suddenly something goes wrong and everything blows up! And so begins one of the wildest, silliest, and challenging flights in video game history! But who is behind all this? How did our hero arrived there? And why can’t our poor little penguin remember anything? Well there’s only one way to find out… Beat the game!

You must help our penguin hero escape a hellish complex through 24 levels filled with spikes, bombs, robots, traps, and more!

Prepared to die? Just remember one thing… RED is DEATH.

Key Features

  • Simple to play but difficult to clear
  • 24 crazy levels including some special retro levels for nostalgic fans
  • The best-looking version of Run Run and Die
  • Collect all energy balls for advance in the game
  • Enjoy full color illustrations that narrate the story
  • Connected to Twitter and Facebook